Posted by: aptonpost | May 6, 2008

Walking Home

Every first Monday of the month my job hosts a board meeting. These meetings usually last from 6:30pm – 8:30pmish. Since I’m part of my job’s executive team (Development Director), I have to stay late, chat with volunteer board members, and clean up a little.

After each meeting people always ask, “Need a ride?” I usually decline the offer by saying, “No thanks, I’m going to walk, I need some fresh air.”

People always seem to freak out when I tell them I’m walking home from work. I don’t know if it’s because of the physical act of walking or the fact that I’m not getting into a car after a long day and commuting home. Who wants to commute when you’re sleepy? Hell, who wants to drive when you’re tired?

My walk begins at Fillmore and Geary, right next to the Safeway in the Western Addition. I live on Post and Hyde so I can usually catch a 38 on Geary or a 3 on Sutter and it’ll take me downtown in 5 minutes.

OR, I can just walk, that takes about 15 minutes.

It’s not that far of a walk, just up one hill to Gough (where cars are racing by) and the rest is downhill from there. I’d rather step outside and see what’s happening anyways, you should too. Life’s too short to be looking for parking.

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