Posted by: aptonpost | October 11, 2008

Walking the baby to sleep

In August 2008 my wife gave birth to our first kid. We named him Paulo. He’s pretty awesome.

In the 6 weeks I had off from work (just went back this Monday), I spent my time walking around downtown to get him to take his naps (he’s one of those urban babies who just wants to be a part of everything, like he doesn’t want to miss out on what people are talking about). I would throw him in a sling and cruise around Union Square, the Financial District, the Ferry Building…one time I even walked all the way up Hyde Street from Post Street to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Walking around really made me rediscover what a cool city we live in. Most of the time I’m stuck in the Tenderloin dealing with open crack sales and public defecation, but just by walking over Nob Hill, I was reminded that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. The views are amazing, the local businesses are unique, the architecture is stunning, and when the streets are clean, without traffic, the neighborhoods feel so livable.

Seriously, you can’t really experience all S.F. has to offer unless you get out of the car and walk around. Luckily, the city is one of the most walkable places in the nation, so you really don’t have any excuses to be lazy.



  1. aww ❤
    congratulations!!! 😉

  2. Yeah urban baby! I hear that bumpy sidewalks and babystrollers is a sleep inducer. Congratulations.

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